3D Map Generator – GEO

Price: $15

The “3D Map Generator – GEO” is especially created for illustrating complex geographical 3D maps. In opposite to the current “3D Map Generator 2” the new “3D Map Generator – GEO” can be used to create 3D maps with much
smaller map scales.

With a few clicks it is possible to generate isometric 3D maps in 3 different orientations with heights and depths in the terrain. As basic shapes there can be used text layers, vector shapes, Smart Objects or one of 52 vector country* shapes. For designing the map there are different new tools, textures, effects, brushes and 37 icons and elements available. The generated 3D maps can be edited and redesigned for unlimited times. No layers will be flattened. Of course it is also possible to put own textures onto the surface and to use own brushes, effects, icons or other elements.


-Three isometric map orientations
-3D-Maps from every shape and any size
-Smart Object maps
-Unlimited map size
-Unlimited quantity of layers (map height)
-Map styles and backgrounds
-Layer structure with 3D effect
-Tree and water brushes
-Grass edges, gravel, spume effect
-Layer color presettings and custom color function
-Background presettings
-Layer surface, effects and background editable seperately for unlimited times
-Global light function
-Perfectly aligned marks and surface objects
-Pre-built brushes and textures
-Heights and depths function
-Auto texturing function
-Fake contour-lines effect function
-Editable for unlimited times
-37 basic icons and elements
-52 country* vector shapes

3D Map Generator – GEO


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