Assistor PS

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Ultimate 9 in 1 tool, especially made for UI Designers. Assistor PS

When we work on a design, we waste more time than we think. Especially as our job nears its end, we must find out the figures for each layer
(size, coordinates, spacing, etc.), mark them according to unit, and cut out each layer one by one.

These tasks, though important parts of the design process, are undeniably cumbersome and tedious. Which is why Assistor PS was created to be a helpful partner for all designers who wish to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

With Assistor PS, the various data for each element (such as size, position, and distance) are measured and outputted with a simple click of the mouse. The user can choose an element and easily extract its data. For example, you can get the coordinates of an element by selecting a layer and clicking on the Position Guider button. You can also automatically display the various data of a title, such as font name, size, spacing, color, and even the different effects that have been applied.

But that’s not all. Because everyone’s standards and demands are different, it is crucial that the designer and developer communicate in order to understand each other and develop a productive relationship. To achieve this, Assistor PS offers guide elements in various styles and flexible coordinate standards. It also offers conversion into various units, ranging from Pixel to XXXHDPI; these data can then be outputted as a text.

With Assistor PS, you can not only output guide data directly onto Photoshop, but you can also use it when working with other programs. In actual UI projects, design spec generation methods through PowerPoint and other documents are being used to improve communication. Assistor’s Description feature allows you to select a layer and view all of its data in text format. It also allows you to work quickly and accurately even when creating guide documents in programs other than Photoshop.

The ultimate design spec tool, Assistor PS is a 9 in 1 software that is your key to a whole new world of design spec’ing. It will add hours to your day and send you home early. Try it your self for 30 day trial today.

Assistor PS


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