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sitl ColorChart PRO

Price: 5

This tool generates color transition on 20 different ranges between basic and the maximum color. If you often use your image mapping heading to “gold sample” this is the perfect tool for you.
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Modern Film Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and ACR Presets

Price: $19

Modern Film Collection for Lightroom and Photoshop provides film-inspired colors, perfect light enhancement, and wonderful skin tones. From the gorgeous pastels of popular wedding photography to intense cinematic colors, these presets are created to give your pictures a polished look
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Price: 29

Time Slice Photography is basically taking pictures of the same place, at different times of the day. Once we have all the pictures taken, select the best of the lot, maybe do some color correction, and then create slices such
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Price: 6

sitl PreciseMeasure is a tool to measure objects in several options.

You can easily measure the height and width of an object , a distance between an object and a corner radius, just select what you want to measure. You can
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Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro

Price: €40

Wow! Pro allows you to work on five frequency bands that you can separately boost or smooth by tweaking its five dedicated sliders. Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions

With the new Decompose function, you
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Price: $19

MagicSquire is the ultimate brush management and organizing panel for Adobe Photoshop. It lets organize brushes in groups, color code them, load custom .TPL and .ABR files, supports drag’n’drop, displays custom strokes as thumbnails, provides right-click replacement for brush view,
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PS Spec Panel

Price: 10.00

The speccing tools we all need.
Speccing doesn’t have to be a long tedious process anymore, with these tools you will save you literally hours every day.
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Price: $24

The Sblended Add-On provides a beautiful, responsive panel in Photoshop that lets you define and apply entirely new, unrivaled gradient effects. Its unique, patent-pending technology was built from the ground up to be the simplest, fastest, and most delightful way
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Price: Free

Copying and pasting layers comes to Photoshop! Finally you can copy and paste layers using shortcuts. No weird tricks needed!
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Sacred Geometry

Price: 19

Sacred Geometry Generator is a Photoshop panel for creating Sacred Geometry symbols from any images and photos. This panel contains 9 symbols, managed by 4 additional panels.

The panel has a great number of variants of transformation, color settings, adding of
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Color Lifter

Price: 19.00

Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop Add-on: Color Lifter!


There are two approaches to sampling colors from images in Illustrator and/or Photoshop: using the eye dropper and color sampler or saving the color table via Save for Web option. The former samples a
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Price: 9.99

Swatchoos is an application designed for Adobe Photoshop CC for the purpose of easier swatch management.

The panel offers you a variety of easy and intuitive tools for the management and storage of your colors. From this day on, your work
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Raya Pro

Price: 44.99

All Raya Pro Features

Instant Digital Blending Method 1: Rapid Blend If
Instant Digital Blending Method 2: Apply Image
Instant Digital Blending Method 3: Gradient Masks
Instant Digital Blending Method 4: GMs + Apply Image
Instant Digital Blending Method 5: Range Masks
Layer Up To 9
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DuoTone Mix Photoshop panel

Price: 12.00

Description: This panel includes 180 different variants of color and has a very convenient mechanism for managing and mixing. The work of the panel and all features you can see in Live Preview.

See our full presentation on this link

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Price: Free

The ultimate diptych, triptych & ntych automation tool for Photoshop

  • What’s new in Tych Panel 2?
  • Row / column compositing paradigm.
  • Reorder images with thumbnails.
  • Resize to both target width & height.
  • Maintain width or height when adding pictures.
  • Smart objects & Layer masks.
  • Adobe Bridge integration.
  • Background color, outer border & rounded corners.
  • Actions.
  • New output options.

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Pixabay Photos Panel

Price: $5.00

Pixabay Photos in Your Photoshop and Sketch

Search for 600.000+ free stock photos and add them to your artboard at the click of a button.

Powerful Search Features

Filter by popularity, recency, categories and more.
Finding the perfect stock photo has never been this easy.
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Price: Free


Craft is a suite of plugins to let you design with real data in mind. Manage them via the new Craft Manager for incredibly easy updating.

  • TYPE

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Magic Retouch Pro

Price: 8

Magic Retouch Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop with which you can do professional level of photo retouching without any knowledge of retouching.
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Price: Free

Flaticon, the largest database of free vector icons in the world, is launching a new design of the website

The company is showing as well its new corporate design, more modern and up-to-date, to boost its consolidated brand.

The new
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Price: $19

mockMock – Photoshop plugin to make iPhone mockups in seconds

Variety of angles, portrait & landscape
Choose from high-quality realistic renders or awesome looking styles
Make your presentation stand out with one click!
Supports Photoshop CC2015, Mac and Windows
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Instagram Filters – Photoshop Panel

Price: $7:00


This panel is designed to transform your photo’s into instagram and vsco filter look.

PS language: muliligual
Features: 24 filters • basic presets suited to any photo • Easy to customize
File Includes: ZXP file(panel for for Photoshop CC+)
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Ian Barber Photography

Price: £5.00

The Easy Dodge and Burn Panel offers a variety of different ways to brighten (dodge) or darken (burn) different parts of the image. Each preset is placed on its own separate layer and the opacity has been set to 40%
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Blur Like Jony

Price: FREE

Blur Like Jony is Photoshop filter plug-in that makes the blur in the same way as Apple does in the current iOS.

So, the plug-in has three modes, such as in UIVisualEffectView: Dark, Light, Extra Light
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3D Map Generator 2 – Isometric

Price: $15

The 3D-Map-Generator-2 is a complete new development of the popular „3D Map Generator Pro“. Now it is possible to determine the size of the 3D-Map by yourself. The isometric orientation of the 3D-Maps offers new possibilities in usage and design.
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3D Map Generator – GEO

Price: $15

The “3D Map Generator – GEO” is especially created for illustrating complex geographical 3D maps. In opposite to the current “3D Map Generator 2” the new “3D Map Generator – GEO” can be used to create 3D maps with much
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Price: Free

Global Color Swatches for Photoshop

Prisma lets you create global color swatches which you can connect to any text or shape layers. When you change the color of the swatch – all connected layers are updated immediately.

The cool thing is:
You can
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Photoshop Browser Preview

Price: 5

Photoshop Browser Preview — allows to preview your image design directly in Web Browser.

As web designer perfectionist I’m always worried how my designs will looks directly in browser. I always enjoy see how the design will look in the desktop
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Ultimate Retouch

Price: $8

This panel is an amazing tool for a retoucher and for a photographer. It keeps you away from boring technical Photoshop settings and gives you more time to focus on your work. Panel includes seven blocks. In last block you
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Sharpen4Web CC Pro

Price: 29,90

Downsize, sharpen and add a watermark with one click!

Sharpen4Web CC Pro uses an algorithm which sharpen a photo much better than Photoshop itself (Smart Sharpen, Unsharp Mask).


• Presets for general web usage and Social
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HTML Block

Price: $5

Photoshop HTML Block — allows you to place any kind of HTML/CSS into your Photoshop document.

This plugin is uses WebKit engine to render on fly your HTML/CSS code on transparent background and place it in special block in Photoshop.

Please take
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Dock Puppet — preview icon in dock

Price: $12

Dock Puppet — Photoshop plugin to preview and test icon design in OS X Dock

Very handy thing for every Mac OS X apps icon designer. It allows you to preview the icon from the Photoshop document in the Dock directly
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Film Grain

Price: 3.99

The Film Grain Photoshop Panel works on pixel based images and each grain effect has been carefully constructed from examples of high resolutions scans of actual black and white film stocks.

The grain effect is added to a separate layer, labelled
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Price: $19

UberStock — free hi-resolution stock photos in your Photoshop CC, CC2014, CC2015 on Mac or PC.

Thousands of professional photos and everyday updates!

Creative Commons license only. Use it’s for any purpose, even commercially.

Fast & smart search by keywords. Find a perfect
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Markly – Photoshop & Sketch Measure/Spec Plugin

Price: $39

Markly is an smart measure extension/plugin for creating spec / UI style guide document for your developer or customers. It supports Photoshop CC & Sketch app. We are sure about that Markly
will save you tons of your time.

Markly had been
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Price: Free


  • Quickly export textures from PSDs containing multiple maps organized in groups.
  • Compress multiple maps to a single texture by defining which Photoshop group you want to export in each image channel (RGBA). For example you can have an opacity map saved to the red channel and a specular map saved to the green channel of the same texture. Read more…


Price: free

Get Unsplash’s images directly in Photoshop CC.
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Wow! Tonal Equalizer

Price: €32

Wow! is a frequency separation extension that allows you to independently boost or soften five different detail scales of your image.
Use positive values to add detail or shape, or negative ones to remove detail and create great soft transitions. Combining
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Price: 19.95

Resonator is an extension for collecting, storing, and exporting graphical resources for various mobile platforms and the web. It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Retina Web, and works on Photoshop CC 2014 and up. We are confident that RESONATOR
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Connect CC

Price: 19.95$

A great tool to let you share your piece of art quickly with the most talented people in the world and on the most popular social networking websites in the world.

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Dribbble
4) Behance
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Unorthodox Game Dev Tools

Price: $9.99

The Unorthodox Game Dev Tools are a simple but powerful set of Photoshop scripts that streamline the texture creation process for game development. The tools allow users to quickly setup and organize a PSD file, customize export options, and export
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Price: 0


This panel is designed for Photoshop CC. It allows you to draw cel animations (frame-by-image), simplifying the process. it also lets you test the movie and set the duration of a keyframe…

Video overview:

A version named AnimDessin is
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NSFW Holder

Price: free

NSFW Holder is an image placeholder service that generate images at any size directly in photoshop CC.
Images come from Babe Holder & Hunk Holder
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Clear Nine Patch

Price: 0

* Clear the superfluous stretchable areas through selection.
* Automate minimising the stretchable patches that are defined by the left and top lines to 1px width or height. (Only supports the NinePatch images that have a 1-pixel-wide black line
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Adobe Lorem Ipsum Generator

Price: 0

Lorem Ipsum Generator is made for creative designers who need lorem ipsum. With this free Adobe plugin, designers are able to generate lorem ipsum directly within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & Dreamweaver!

The first and ultimate lorem ipsum text solution for
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Price: Free

This made our day.
And seriously, this guys have pretty cool plugins .

Instant Forecast in your Photoshop
Our Weather extension was designed with simplicity in mind and provides
a clean and simple user interface. Meet your new OS, Photoshop.
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Spriteowl Photoshop extension

Price: $20

Spriteowl is a Photoshop extension that takes over the boring part when working with sprite images and CSS. Spriteowl exports your Photoshop Sprites to PNG and CSS, LESS, SASS/SCSS or Stylus code.

Spriteowl Features:

Save time
Spriteowl retrieves x, y, width and height
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iOS Toolbox

Price: $14,99

iOS Toolbox Photoshop plugin – bridge between iOS design and development. Generate Objective-C code, export assets & more.
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Price: 0

This panel is designed for Photoshop CC. It allows you to draw animations frame-by-image, simplifying the process. it also lets you test the movie and set the duration of a keyframe…

Video overview:

This version is only for Photoshop CC, but
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Price: 0

This panel is dedicate to wide angle video GoPro distortion correction.
It include PreConfiguration and automate the process.
You could use this panel for non-GoPro camera using Wide Angle Lens.

More infos and tutos on this panel here:
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AD Artbox

Price: USD 10

AD Artbox it’s a new Photoshop CS6 Panel with more than sixty high quality tools for illustrators.

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