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What Coolorus is?

Coolorus is a Corel Painter like color wheel for Adobe Products (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects) and all the Mac apps that use the native Apple color picker.

Coolorus is aimed at creative people who would like to improve their color picking workflow as much as possible. Reduce the mouse clicks to the minimum and help to master the color relationships and the power of the HSV triangle.

Want to know if Coolorus works with your app of choice? Download a 7 days free trial!


I keep getting a message like this: ApplicationX wants to use your confidential information stored in “com.coolorus.settings” in your keychain.

You can safely choose “Always Allow” in all of the apps you use, and never worry about it again.

Will Coolorus support Retina Displays?

Coolorus from the beginning was supporting Retina Displays even when they have not been released yet. Unfortunately Adobe untill version CC hasn’t supported retina in flash panels, and that’s the reason you can’t have your favourite color wheel on CS6 (with retina display) and lower. The only fix is to upgrade to CC. There aren’t any such limitations in the Mac version of Coolorus.

Why do I have to pay for Coolorus?

We’ve spend many hours designing, coding and testing not only Coolorus, but also a website, server-side logic etc. It was necessary to provide a high quality product that actually works on most of soft- and hardware configurations. That’s why we charge for it, and we strongly belive that Coolorus is worth paying more than 10 bucks.

What do I get after purchasing a license?

Each license key can be used to activate Coolorus on up to two CS installations. You may download for free any updates that will be released to the 1.X version.

  • Coolorus 1.3 is available for CS4/5/6/CC & Mac OS X Apps.

To get the plugin and see more features go to:



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