CSS Turbo

Price: $ 29:99

Photoshop Extension for Web Developers.

Copy & Paste CSS Styles from Photoshop with 1 click.

Save Time, Save Money.

Turbo-Charged Productivity Tool for Web Designers.

No more slow hand-coding of text styles.

CSSTurbo Features

  • Saves You Time which Saves You Money by increasing productivity.
  • Fast, accurate, easy-to-use productivity tool for web developers.
  • Copies equivalent CSS styles to your clipboard with 1 click.
  • Simply Paste CSS into Adobe Dreamweaver or any other web editor at code level.
  • No more slow hand-coding of text styles.
  • Accessible via Photoshop: Top Menu Bar > Window > Extensions > Copy CSS.
  • Easy-to-install Adobe Photoshop Extension (requires Free Adobe Extension Manager).
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5+ on Windows XP+ and Mac Snow Leopard+.

Check out the video for more info:

To get the plugin and see more features go to:



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