Cut&Slice Me

Price: Free !

Cut&Slice Me is a plugin that will help you with the tedious task of cutting and exporting your assets. It is very easy to use and  it will definitely improve your workflow.

You can export one layer selecting it and then click on ‘Cut selected’ (it works with groups and layers).

Or you can export all groups you want at once:

It is easy. The only thing you have to do is include ‘@’ at the end of all group names you want to export, and then click on ‘Cut all assets’.

Here is how you do it:

  • Organise your elements in groups, as if they were objects.
  • Add @ at the end of the layer name you want to export, the content will be exported as a png trimming all transparent pixels.
  • If you want your file to be a particular size, then create a rectangular vector as first layer and name it #. Your group will be exported at that size.
  • Include “_BTN” to export all states in your buttons. Add groups containing your button states and name them as follows:
    • normal
    • hover
    • clicked / pressed
    • selected
    • disabled

Want to download and know more about Cut&Slice Me ?

Cut&Slice Me

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