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Quickly selecting and adding fonts to your design projects just got easier with new Subscription Adobe Extension. Paired with your Subscription, you now have the ability to browse, add, and sync fonts directly from your favorite Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

  • Browse

Find the perfect font with ease.

The intuitive, unobtrusive extension module allows your to quickly browse fonts from our extensive Subscription library. Already know the font you need? Search by font family name for access to every weight and style available for your selection. You can also search by design foundry as well — Subscriptions offer selections from leading foundries such as Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Ascender, Bitstream and more.

  • Add

Activate 5 Minute Trials, Mockup Fonts, & Desktop Fonts.

All subscribers have the ability to initiate 5 minute trials of selected fonts, while upgraded plans can use the extension to utilize their mockup fonts benefits — prototyping fonts active for 1 day — as well. Or use desktop font allotments form your Professional or Master Subscription to activate fully licensed fonts for 30 days. Whatever your subscription, our extensions allows you to effortlessly try or use type directly within your project.

  • Sync

SkyFonts delivers your selections to multiple workstations.

Utilizing the power of the SkyFonts font delivery platform, your type selections are instantly and automatically delivered to all your authorized workstations. Save time by avoiding the hassle of managing multiple font files and font installations.

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