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A little Photoshop Panel to speed up the tedious process of exporting graphics from Photoshop comps.

This little plugin simply let you automate all the exporting process just by renaming layers and layer sets, and spare a lot of time.

You don’t need using slice tool or making a separate slice document any more.

Just name your layers or layer sets with the name you want for your final files. Like bakground.png.
You can use .jpg .png and .gif , and then bake your layers!

You can also specify compression for .jpg with filename_xx.jpg where xx is a number from 0 to 100.

And you can export png 8 with filename_8.png.

Lasagna is compatible with  CS5 and CS6.

To get the plugin and see more features go to:



This plugin was created by:

Manuele Capacci->Product Designer and visual coder living in Berlin, sun chaser, food lover. Cofounder of Alright Design (

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