Photoshop Export Panel

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The Export Panel is the easiest, most efficient and most precise tool to export assets in Adobe Photoshop.

You don’t need to spend time renaming your layers or adding parameters in order to export them in specific ways. Just
set your panel up once.

Export Panel

You have the option of exporting all layers or just the selected layers and groups; you can automatically export assets at 1x, 2x, 3x or whatever size you want, all at once with different file formats. You can even export assets in .psd format to break up your huge .psd files into several smaller ones, or export assets with .svg format directly from the Export Panel.

With the Export Panel you have full control of your assets bounds. You can automatically crop your assets to their content size or set specific bounds for each asset. If you are exporting a set of icons, for example, you usually want them to be all the same size, right?

The Export Panel includes an Import Section which allows you to create sheets with existing assets that will be automatically organized with the correct structure to edit and export again literally in seconds.

The Export Panel includes detailed information, and tutorials. We guarantee that you will spend more time designing.

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Photoshop Export Panel



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