Photoshop Timer Panel

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I created this Photoshop Timer Panel based on an idea given by Chris Casey.

It’s not as detailed and functional as he and I would have liked,  but I still hope it’s useful to track the time you spend on specific files.

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6

I’m still planning to add a time recording functionality. Ideas are welcome.

This is a CS6 extension only, if you want a CS5 version, please leave a comment saying so.

To install it just double click the “cs6Timer.zxp” file and the Adobe Extension Manager CS6 will come up with instructions.

Once the extension is installed,  the panel can be opened  from “Window” menu>”Extension” submenu>”Pen Panel”.

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We are planning a new time-recording version. Stay tuned.




  1. octavian

    how can i get this for cs5?

  2. jose simoes

    Photoshop Timer Panel…. I do not understand! please video tutorial?

  3. jose simoes

    “Photoshop Timer Panel” what is this?

  4. Here is my idea for a panel, me,, no time. I would love to see a grain/noise brush
    on panel. It should have options for different brush configurations along with the ability to change the film grain or noise to whats best for what you need it for.
    I’m a retoucher/photographer and find the need or wish to apply grain to areas
    that I have worked or could be accentuated. I can think of lots of ways to use grain without having to apply it to the entire image. Now that people have finally figured out that film grain is cool, they can be shown how else it can be useful if you can apply it where you want it by simply brushing.
    I don’t know why I don’t have it, but this just sound like a no brainer to me,, you?
    Beautiful site you have here..

  5. wezyr512

    Thank you very much for Photoshop Timer! It’s great idea to create something to time tracking in Photoshop (or whole Creative Suite). I was looking for something to recording my time spent on projects but is very hard to find something for Photoshop exactly. So I’m happy that you’re planning new version. You wrote that “ideas are welcome”. I have some idea to make useful time tracker but I don’t have programming skills:( May you could use my idea.
    When I was looking for method to check time spending on every project in PS I’ve found solution that I can record History of file on XMP Information of file but…like pople said you can open project and go eat dinner, make something different and you don’t have exactly time of your work. My idea is that plugin could record time only when PS window is active and when is unactive could pause-but in this way you could do the same things like in history of file. So maybe is some way that plugin could record only when window is active and when mouse cursor is moving? And for example after 3 or 5 minutes without moving could pause timer? That should be more useful and automatic. I don’t know how possible is to make it but I would share my idea to someone who can do more than me:) Sorry for my english:) Regards

  6. Linda

    This is so smart! What a great idea! I’m always trying to be exact when I work on a project for a client. I charge by the hour and this would help me so much to keep track of my time.
    Also, on my own projects, this would help me to learn how much time I’m really spending on each file (and if it’s profitable to do so.) Please, please bring this download back. I’d be such a big fan!
    Thanks for letting me comment!

  7. Linda

    oops! Thank you! I just found the download button. But I’ll look forward to the update. Thanks so much for this!!!

  8. Bigdan

    Hello! It is a god stuff. Can you make a CS5 version too?
    It is possible to record time only when PS window is active or the mouse is moving?
    THX. Regards! Dan

  9. K

    This is what i have been looking for. Great plugin!

  10. GREAT!

    Pls…make 1 for CS5…:)

  11. rawi

    very useful idea! thank you very much, I was looking for something to manage the brushes list, for example; putting all the basic brushes in something like folder or favorite by picking them according to needs, it’s very noisy to look at all of them in one list and hard to select if you have too many brushes!

    I hope you can find a solution for that,


  12. freshlesh3

    Great idea. Not sure if you are familiar with timesink or rescuetime for mac, but they do what you are looking for but for your entire desktop. They don’t have a running clock but what they do have would be great to incorporate into your plugin. One is web based and the other a cocoa app so not sure if you could incorporate some of the same logic but it might help.

  13. Caio Chagas

    This is great! It`s a nice tool to keep track on your workflow, especially if you spend too much time using the software, so you can manage your breaks better, which is something very vital. I would love to see a cs5 version (since it`s the version i use).


  14. Thank you! Great plugin! Would love to see video recording added.
    1. Draw a box to define area to be recorded.
    2. Ability to export/save video at realtime or 2x/3x speed.
    Thanks – Mike

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