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A monkey that saves pixelperfect files from your .psd with complete control over quality.


  • Save slices exactly as you intended.

Slash saves files with 100% color accuracy.
You and your team put a lot of effort into making everything perfect and so does Slash.

  • All layerstyles, filters and blendmodes.

Slash knows every style on the block, plays nice with every filter out there and blends any layerstack you can come up with. No exceptions!

  • Support for all common formats.

Slash can save .png files in 8bit and 24bit but also .jpg and .gif and gives you complete control over settings.

  • Save scaled duplicates (@2X, ldpi, mdpi…).

Slash can make a duplicate of any size and change suffixes. If you want he can even perform an unsharp mask before saving.

  • Export to almost any folder.

Slash puts each slice where you tell him to.
This can be almost any folder.

  • Automatic versioning.

Slash archives all versions of every file you save and automatically generates a version number.

  • Support for OS X and Windows.

If you have Photoshop, Slash can do his thing.
No special OS requirements.

  • Works in CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC.

Slash is friends with all the Photoshop versions of the last 4 years.

To get the plugin and see more features go to:



  • Valentijn Kint

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