Super Mosaic

Price: 20.00

Using SuperMosaic, you can create cool halftone and mosaic effects and open the result in Photoshop or you can save it as an editable VECTOR .eps file and open in a vector tool such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. SuperMosaic
is powerful tool to make your designs eye-catching and unique. With it’s built-in shape presets you can apply amazing mosaic and halftone effects to your photos.


Scalable Vector Output
SuperMosaic lets you save the final result in vector EPS format. You can open it at any size/resolution in Photoshop or open and scale it in a vector software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, without loss of quality. This is sseful for especially large prints which will be sharp and clean!

32 Single and 4 Multi Shape Presets
Single Shapes: The shape you pick is used to form the image.
Multi Shapes: These are shape sets consisting of multiple single shapes and they are used according to the brightness of the corresponding pixel groups. If the pixels are light, thin and light shapes will be picked from the set, if dark, thicker and darker ones will be used.

Super Mosaic


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