SVG Layers

Price: $10.00

Import SVG files as editable vector layers and export clean SVGs directly from Photoshop.

SVG Layers is a Photoshop plug-in that enables you to open, edit, and save SVGs as vector layers. This lets you take full advantage of Photoshop as
a vector editor, and allows for a simpler and more efficient workflow.

How is it different from native SVG support in CC2015?
When importing a SVG using native CC2015 you get a rasterized version of the entire SVG. That’s basically like a flat image you can’t edit. With SVG Layers you get access to every individual shape in the SVG as editable vector layers. When you’re done editing you can export back to SVG and your artwork will still be proper scalable vectors.

Can’t I just use Illustrator?
Well yes, unless you want to use the vector in Photoshop. If that’s the case then maybe you’ve been using Illustrator to open SVGs and copy the paths into Photoshop. However, that’s an in-efficient workaround, which also doesn’t work for SVGs consisting of multiple shapes and colors. Now there’s a better way.

SVG Layers


  • Rune Lund-Hermansen

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