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PS Pen Panel

Price: Free

No more opening the Menu/PhotoshopCC/ Preferences/Tools 50 times a day.

The Pen Panel Includes:

  • Move tool.
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Path selection Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Snap Vector Tools and Transform to pixel grid On
  • Snap Vector Tools and Transform to pixel grid Off

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Price: Free !

Inspired by some guys who makes custom panels for Photoshop,  Kamil Khadeyev decided to make  his own. And here it is, he made “Isometrify” — Adobe Photoshop CS5+ extension that helps transform objects into isometry and generate custom sized grid for it.

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Photoshop Pen Panel

Price: Just A Tweet!

If you are as obsessive about pixel perfection as we are, you’re toggling the snap to pixel grid setting a hundred times a day. We can help.

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