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PixelGear 2

Price: 49.90

With PixelGear 2 you can easily and quickly:

• Retouch skin with SkinGear
• Enhance Shadows, Highlights and overall Contrast with ToneGear
• Sharpen and Enhance details with EdgeGear
All in one unique and innovative on-screen panel, that looks and works just like a
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Ultimate Retouch 3.0

Price: 29.99

The Ultimate Retouch Panel (version 3.0) has been developing for a year. This is not the last update, because there’s more and more new retouch tools and techniques. After the version 2.0 I started to listen to my clients (both photograghers and retouchers).
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Beauty Retouching Kit

Price: 29.99

A Professional Photoshop Panel for, Fashion, Portrait and Wedding Photographers


Mattifier Powder
Freckle and Stain Reducer
Skin Softener
Ultra Smooth Skin
Brighten Eyes
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Ultimate Retouch

Price: $8

This panel is an amazing tool for a retoucher and for a photographer. It keeps you away from boring technical Photoshop settings and gives you more time to focus on your work. Panel includes seven blocks. In last block you
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Wow! Tonal Equalizer

Price: €32

Wow! is a frequency separation extension that allows you to independently boost or soften five different detail scales of your image.
Use positive values to add detail or shape, or negative ones to remove detail and create great soft transitions. Combining
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