TemplateGen Beta (Script)

Price: Free !

We all know the problems with the templates in Photoshop.

Everything that Adobe gave us is document size presets. It’s cool, but not enough.

If you have bunch of “starter-kits” for different design tasks, like iOS icon grid or iPhone screen with native navigation bar, tab bar etc, you have to duplicate them to your project folder again and again.

I think, such routine processes should be automated and be done by computer, to save our precious time for actual work.
To resolve this problem, we have the Script “TemplateGen Beta” created by Kamil Khadeyev.

What it is?

Here’s how it works. When you create new document in Photoshop, you can add to the end of your document name special keyword, +960x12 for example:


Then our new document will have 12 column 960 grid with guides in layer group called “Grid (960×12)”:




For more information and download the script please go to Kamil’s blog:


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